REALITY CHECK: Wall trumpets Clinton’s plan instead of following through with his own

After nearly a week of silence following several days of stomping his feet and making stuff up, Premier Brad Wall appeared in front of cameras yesterday and endorsed United States Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton...Well, her climate change strategy, anyway. 

It's nice to see the Sask. Party supporting the Democratic candidate but we sure would like to hear their plan to address climate change and stop the federal government from imposing their own scheme on Saskatchewan.

A good start would be for the Sask. Party to implement their own price on carbon they passed into law in 2009. Their Green Technology Fund would make the province's biggest polluters pay for the pollution they cause and invest in renewable energy. 

At least then, Saskatchewan could join all the other provinces who are implementing solutions to lower emissions that are best for them. 

Instead, the Sask. Party has done little more than complain and stand by their own $1.3 billion dollar carbon capture scheme which has already caused two separate SaskPower rate increases.

Wall says that he’ll have a plan to announce next week but, after a decade of promises with no follow through, we can all be forgiven for suggesting that Sask. Party speeches contribute more to the problem of greenhouse gasses than they ever will to solving anything.

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