Reality Check: Wall now the only Premier still pocketing a partisan bonus

When it comes to Canadian political party leaders getting a big bonus from their deep-pocketed partisan donors, Brad Wall now stands alone.

The only other member of the bonus bucks club, Christy Clark announced over the weekend that she has recognized the error in her ways and will no longer be taking her annual “leader’s stipend” funded by corporate donors.

That’s good news for people in BC, but Saskatchewan people are left wondering how much of their tax dollars are being handed over through tax credits to the big Sask. Party donors whose big money helps cover Brad Wall’s $37,000 annual top-up. Saskatchewan people are also in the dark about how much of that bonus money comes from the out-of-province corporate donors who bank roll the Sask. Party.

Is the Sask. Party using this bonus to help their rich friends get better access to the Premier’s office? Who knows.

But, with Premier and his Sask. Party colleagues handing construction contracts over to out-of-province companies and blocking access to documents and witnesses that may shed some light on the Sask. Party’s GTH scandal, the question is worth asking.

More to the point, like Christy Clark, Brad Wall should admit, at very least, that it doesn’t look good and he should do the right thing and stop taking this big corporate money.

So, why won’t he?

Have he and the Sask. Party gotten so arrogant – so out of touch – that they’ve just given up on even trying to look clean and transparent?  



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