Reality Check: Talking points trump transparency on GTH land scandal

Although many questions still remain surrounding the GTH land scandal, it has become clear that talking points, not the truth, reign supreme on the Sask. Party benches. 

For weeks, the Premier has refused to answer simple questions put to him by the Leader of the Official Opposition Trent Wotherspoon about the Sask. Party’s land scandal. Today, some of the ministers who rejected the deal a year before they approved it, were given the opportunity by Saskatchewan NDP Caucus members to speak for themselves and justify their contentious decision.

Not one of them spoke up – instead they hid behind the latest designated deliverer of the tired old talking points that hold no accountability or believability.

Earlier this week, at the committee responsible for overseeing the government’s actions, the Sask. Party blocked key witnesses in the land purchase from being invited to testify about the sketchy deal.

The Sask. Party once bragged about being the most open and transparent government. But, nine years after forming government, the only thing that’s transparent now is the Sask. Party’s commitment to avoiding transparency. 

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