REALITY CHECK: SGI keeps rates low but Sask. Party hikes taxes

Today’s release of SGI’s Annual Report made it very clear that SGI is a valuable Crown Corporation that benefits its owners – all Saskatchewan people – with not only jobs and low rates but also excellent annual dividends. 

It’s clear that the Sask. Party’s attempts to negotiate the sale of SGI – 16 meetings so far – are not in the best interest of Saskatchewan people.

The Sask. Party was again working against the best interest of Saskatchewan people when they raised the PST and then slapped it onto all insurance premiums.

So, while SGI worked to keep their rates low, the Sask. Party hiked the cost of getting insurance.

Here’s a look at some examples of what this Sask. Party tax grab will mean for Saskatchewan people:



Sask. Party PST Hike

2011 Pick-up Truck


$ 81

2015 Mini-Van


$ 80

2012 Family Sedan


$ 83

2015 Motorcycle


$ 171

House in Regina


$ 114

5,000 Acre Farm


$ 6,000

Small home-based business in Weyburn


$ 132

Life insurance for 45 year old man


$ 90

HealthInsurance for 45 year old man


$ 104


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