Reality Check: Sask. Party’s lack of credibility showing on federal issues

Today, yet another premier has sat down with the federal government and, by negotiating reasonably, has walked away with a good deal for their province.

Whether it’s health care, the environment, sustainable energy, or growing the economy, Brad Wall and the Sask. Party have chosen to stomp their feet, cause scenes, and have outright refused to negotiate with the federal government. And, to no surprise, the Sask. Party’s petulant actions have gotten Saskatchewan nowhere.

Other provinces, which have gone to the table, acting like grown-ups, have gotten money, deals, and even pipelines. Meanwhile, the Sask. Party has thrown away our province’s credibility with their juvenile tactics. And for what? All Saskatchewan got was a made-in-Ottawa scheme.

With federal health care funding on the line, when will the Sask. Party finally realize that their childish negotiation tactics are hurting the people of Saskatchewan?

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