Reality Check: Sask. Party’s carbon tax is a tax – just ask them

There’s a lot wrong with what the Sask. Party are calling their plan to address carbon emissions – not the least of which is that it sets no targets for reducing carbon emissions. 

Despite their best attempts to claim otherwise, the Sask. Party are introducing a price on carbon or – as the Sask. Party members have said over and over again ­– it’s a carbon tax.

Under the Sask. Party’s so-called plan, there are two options for Saskatchewan’s heavy emitters: Purchase carbon offsets or Pay into a technology fund.

On October 24, the Premier said, “a carbon levy, a carbon tax by definition”

He’s not the only one who believes the green tech fund is a carbon tax. Here’s what the former Minister of Finance said about the technology fund when we called on them to implement it: “She wants to start up a tech fund and have emitters in the province today put money into a tech fund, Mr. Speaker, for the green economy. It’s a carbon tax, Mr. Speaker.”

When the NDP put forward a motion to implement the green tech fund in October, 2016, Sask. Party MLAs fell all over themselves to speak against it, and they all voted against it.

To make matters worse, the Sask. Party still have no idea if their new Carbon Tax or anything else in the rest of their plan will actually protect Saskatchewan people from the federal government’s carbon tax.

So, what was the Sask. Party thinking when they presented their new Carbon Tax and the so-called plan?

Well, we don’t know, but we’re not sure they do either. 

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