REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party releases flood of taxes and fees on summer renovations

It seems like the Sask. Party are going out of their way to make Saskatchewan people pay more for everything. Now, that even includes the kitchen sink. 

The Sask. Party just approved a 150 per cent increase to the price of plumbing permits, and that is on top of the Sask. Party’s new six per cent PST on construction labour.

In short, home renovations just got a whole lot more expensive.

While they’re soaking consumers and small businesses with new taxes and fees, the Sask. Party are making it rain for their friends with a $100 million tax giveaway for corporations, the wealthy and the well-connected.

No matter how much the Sask. Party spin and stir the facts, not one drop of that tax giveaway is going to trickle down to the small businesses that drive our economy.

When it comes to the Sask. Party’s wealthy and well-connected friends, their cups runneth over. Meanwhile, Saskatchewan families and small business owners are left barely able to keep their heads above water.

It’s obvious the Sask. Party have forgotten who they’re supposed to be working for.


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