Reality Check: Sask. Party MLAs mourned the truth in GTH debate

During yesterday’s debate on the GTH Scandal, in a clear demonstration that irony is not dead, Sask. Party back benchers stood up and preformed a baffling eulogy for truth and facts.

The member from Sask. Rivers boldly said, “Truth is dead and facts are now passé, considered so-last-year’s sentiment.”

Now, it’s true that the Sask. Party’ s constant spin, denial, games, and voodoo math have done a number on the facts and the truth but, we’re not ready to let honesty and the truth be killed and buried.  

And we know the facts are certainly not passé for the people of Saskatchewan when it comes to $11 million of their hard-earned dollars being handed over to Sask. Party supporters through this sketchy land scandal.

A second Sask. Party member said, “I have to give a lot of credit to our member from Cut Knife-Turtleford for keeping everything on track.” By ‘on track,’ we can only assume he means tying the truth and transparency to the track by blocking key witnesses from committee.

The Sask. Party member went on to say that the NDP’s reasonable questions were nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

We agree that the Sask. Party back benchers’ arguments yesterday were as reasoned and logical as a Monty Python witch hunting mob but, no one in the NDP is accusing anyone from the Sask. Party of weighing the same as a duck.

What we are concerned about is their continued assault on the truth and we’ve been left to wonder how much more hunting and digging it will take before we find the facts the Sask. Party is trying to bury six-feet under. 

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