Reality Check: Sask. Party hypocrites on gas relief

Since March 7, the Saskatchewan NDP caucus has called on the Sask. Party government for a gas relief plan. Premier Moe refused, dismissing increased fuel costs as just “a few extra cents.”

However, nearly half of the Sask. Party benches* publicly endorsed a CPC leadership candidate that yesterday called for - you guessed it - a gas price relief plan.

These twenty-one MLAs need to get off the fence - do they support a gas price relief plan for Saskatchewan people or not? 


*Sask Party MLAs endorsing Pierre Poilievre:

  1. Steven Bonk
  2. Minister Fred Bradshaw
  3. Ken Cheveldayoff
  4. Terry Dennis
  5. Minister Dustin Duncan
  6. Ken Francis
  7. Todd Goudy
  8. Gary Grewal
  9. Joe Hargrave
  10. Daryl Harrison
  11. Terry Jenson
  12. Travis Keisig
  13. Delbert Kirsch
  14. Greg Lawrence
  15. Tim McLeod
  16. Hugh Nerlien
  17. Greg Ottenbreit
  18. Dana Skoropad
  19. Doug Steele
  20. Minister Christine Tell
  21. Colleen Young


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