Reality check: Sask Party has troubling record on abortion rights

While the Sask Party is on the record aiming to restrict reproductive rights and access to abortion, the Saskatchewan NDP Caucus once again calls for safe and expanded access to abortion services.

  • Premier Scott Moe: Anti-abortion group RightNow said, “we believe Scott is the right man for the job” of Premier, after Moe promised “opportunities under his leadership” to the group.
  • Ken Cheveldayoff, MLA for Saskatoon WIllowgrove and former leadership contender: Abortion should be restricted to when the life of the mother is in jeopardy, and even then, only on a case-by-case basis.
  • Greg Ottenbreit, MLA for Yorkton: In 2019, then-rural and remote health minister delivered a speech to a pro-life convention, “encouraging convention-goers to continue their ‘battle’.”
  • Brownyn Eyre, Minister of Energy and Resources: An anti-choice advocate and regular contributor to Pro-Life News for over a decade, she’s referred to advocating for abortion rights as “some sort of psychological cover,” and puts Canada’s laws on abortion, “in the eminent company of North Korea.”

The anti-choice and pro-life movement making news in the United States this week has allies in the Sask. Party government. Right to the top. The Sask. NDP reaffirms our commitment to reproductive rights and we will be seeking the exact same commitment from the Sask. Party today.


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