Reality Check: Sask. Party failing on TRC Calls to Action

With National Aboriginal Day being celebrated across the country this week, the Sask. Party’s callous cuts are moving the province backwards by dismantling crucial Indigenous programs, further undermining the quality of education, and moving us further away from – not closer toward - true reconciliation.

Actions speak louder than words and, even though two years have passed since the Sask. Party committed to working on 34 of Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action, their failed record on Indigenous issues is clear:

  • The dismantling of NORTEP/NORPAC, an education program run successfully by and for Northerners;
  • Cuts to Aboriginal retention worker positions in Saskatoon schools;
  • $2.1 million dollars cut from advanced education for First Nations and Metis people;
  • $3 million dollars cut from job training for First Nations and Métis people; 
  • The elimination of publicly funded access to medical appointments for many Indigenous communities, with the scrapping and sell-off of STC;
  • Cuts to the Aboriginal Court Workers Program; and
  • Cuts to the Aboriginal Police Consultation Group and Alternative Measures Programming

The TRC recommendations focused on investing in and focusing on education, job training, health, social services, and justice but the Sask. Party is undermining, cutting and failing across the board.

This week, communities across the province will be celebrating culture, connection, and resiliency – but also calling for action and working toward reconciliation.

Before they post their pleasantries and recommit to the same promises they haven’t kept yet, the Sask. Party needs to stop cutting Indigenous programs and take some real, concrete steps toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

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