REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party failed highway strategy: Paying more, paving less

Today, the results of the “CAA  Saskatchewan Worst Roads Campaign” were released. Over 4,000 votes were submitted over the three week campaign.

Though the poll ranks the most dangerous roads, it’s clear the only real winners are the private consultants and foreign companies who the Sask. Party have been paying more and more to, while they pave less and less.

Under the Sask. Party, the per kilometer cost of highway construction has jumped by $200,000 since 2007. As a result - even if fully implemented – their campaign commitment of $70,000,000 for highways, won’t result in more than 100 kilometers of new road.

With mismanagement like that, it’s no wonder our roads are starting to look like this:






Photos 1-4, Highway 354 to Dilke, Saskatchewan. Voted "Saskatchewan's Worst Road" in 2015 and 2015. 

Photo 5, Highway 220 to Strasbourg.

For more information on the “CAA  Saskatchewan Worst Roads Campaign”, click, here.


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