REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party bypasses Saskatchewan farmers' needs with $2 billion boondoggle

The Sask. Party and the foreign conglomerate they hired to build the Regina bypass can boast all they want but, when the rubber hits the road, it's Saskatchewan farmers who know what they need and, along with truck drivers, they're speaking out and saying that the bypass roundabout is too small and too hard to navigate. 

Despite claiming that they have “studied it to death" and bragging in a news release last week that the new Balgonie overpass was “designed to accommodate large vehicles such as agricultural equipment" it's clear that the Sask. Party have lost touch and aren't working for Saskatchewan people anymore. 

It’s hard to imagine an overpass that can’t accommodate large pieces of farm equipment being built in Saskatchewan but, since the Sask. Party chose to hand the contract for design, build, finance and maintenance to a foreign conglomerate with a history of sketchy business practices, the fact that things are going terribly wrong isn't actually all that surprising.

The Sask. Party’s mismanagement of the bypass project has already seen the price tag rise from the $400 million they originally told Saskatchewan people it would cost to a whopping $2 billion. Now, the cost of fixing these serious design flaws will have to be added to the growing bill. 

It’s past time for the Sask. Party to stop mismanaging these projects with scandal and waste, and start serving the people they’re supposed to be working for – Saskatchewan people.

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