REALITY CHECK: Brad Wall’s Mickey Mouse Trade Plan

To celebrate six years of having a trade office in China, Brad Wall is… going to Disneyland!

Well, more accurately, the Premier is claiming victory with a commitment to use Saskatchewan flax seed in cookies sold at Shanghai Disney. 

It’s obviously a small world but, after all the effort and money that went into the Sask. Party’s China desk and this trip, cookies at a theme park do not sound like the Cinderella story the Sask. Party was hoping for.

Now, we’re not suggesting that this is a crummy deal. It’s welcome and will certainly provide some benefit, but it’s goofy to suggest that flax cookies are enough to diversify the economy and undo the damage done by Sask. Party mismanagement.

Increasing trade is important, China is a significant customer for everything from barley to beef, and tying trade to improved human rights is not child’s play.

But, if the Premier is only delivering flax cookies, he’s going to need more than a spoon full of sugar to sell his 11-day, $130,000 incredible journey as a success.

Oh, bother.

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