Reality Check: ‘Alternative facts’ trump reality for Moose Jaw North MLA

Hearing that the Sask. Party is bending the truth is nothing new but, this week, Moose Jaw North MLA Warren Michelson took things to a new level and presented what the President of the United States might call, ‘alternative facts.’ 

Responding to an email from a constituent raising concerns about the Sask. Party’s budget cuts, billion dollar deficits and plans to privatize our Crowns, the Sask. Party MLA claimed that the constituent’s concerns were “totally inaccurate and false.”

Then, astonishingly, he added, “to this point, there are no ‘cuts.’”

No cuts?

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he forgot about some of the Sask. Party cuts so, here are just a few he should be reminded of:

  • The Sask. Party cut funding to the SAID program’s much-needed housing supplement for those unable to work while living with a disability;
  • The Sask. Party made cuts to make to post-secondary education and job training programs;
  • Sask. Party cuts to education resulted in 30 jobs cut from the Prairie South School Division; and
  • Sask. Party cuts to the Public Service mean that 28 jobs will be cut in Moose Jaw alone as a result of the Sask. Party’s decision to lay off janitorial staff.

If those aren’t enough, this Sask. Party MLA should look back on his own voting record. After all, just last year, he stood with his Sask. Party colleagues and voted in favour of cutting funding to Moose Jaw’s Wakamow Valley.

As for the Sask. Party’s plans to privatize Saskatchewan’s Crowns, it’s a bit hard to believe that he has already forgotten about the Sask. Party bill currently before the legislature that would let them sell up to 49 per cent of a Crown Corporation without the hassle of asking permission from or even telling the Saskatchewan people.

Did this Sask. Party MLA really forget about all of this and much, much more? Does he pay that little attention to what is happening - even while voting against the Wakamow Valley – or is he intentionally using ‘alternative facts’?

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