Proceeds from photo radar fines should remain with municipalities: NDP

The NDP is calling out the Sask. Party for stripping hundreds of thousands of dollars from municipalities’ traffic safety programs each year. Under the new model, revenue that was previously distributed to municipalities for local traffic safety initiatives and programs will now be administered by the province instead, with 25% still being diverted directly to the general revenue fund.

“The Sask. Party hasn’t balked at any opportunity to offload additional costs onto municipalities, and now they’re unilaterally changing the rules to deny municipalities this needed revenue,” said NDP SGI Critic Carla Beck. “This cash grab is a direct hit on cities’ ability to invest in needed infrastructure that will serve the community and make it safer.”

Beck said if the purpose of the photo radar program is to improve road safety, as the minister has claimed, then the revenues should stay with local traffic safety initiatives and programs, not be skimmed into the general revenue fund.

“This looks like nothing more than a cash grab from a government desperate to plug the holes in its budget,” Beck said. “It’s not fair for municipalities to have to give up this revenue stream because the Sask. Party has so badly managed the province’s finances,” Beck said.

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