Today, NDP Leader Ryan Meili called directly on Premier Moe to meet and negotiate a resumption of legislative business and the introduction of a full budget.

“This spring, Scott Moe was planning to break his own fixed election law, when he ought to have been focused on preparing our pandemic response,” said Meili. “Now it seems that he is attempting to avoid presenting a full budget before sending Saskatchewan people to the polls this fall.”

“Saskatchewan people have real questions about health care readiness, support for families and businesses, access to childcare, and unprecedented job losses. There are also real concerns about the outbreak in La Loche and the North, and what resources are in place for communities affected by outbreaks. The Sask. Party needs to answer those questions.”

Meili also called on Moe to provide an updated timeline for when a full budget will be presented and noted that almost every province in Canada has come up with a plan to resume some legislative business, in many cases including Question Period.

“Scott Moe shouldn’t expect a blank cheque, even during a pandemic,” said Meili. “Unfortunately, it seems he does. The Premier needs to be willing to answer questions right now, like where and how they’re planning to spend an extra $2.5 billion. The people of Saskatchewan deserve to know where that money is going, to know it’s going to the right places and the most important projects, not just projects that benefit Sask. Party friends and donors.”

Meili’s letter to the Premier is here.

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