Plagued by rough summer, Sask. Party shuffles cabinet but changes nothing

Since beginning this session, the government has been plagued by scandal and the real-life consequences Saskatchewan people are facing as a result of Sask. Party mismanagement but the negligence and lack of accountability in the Sask. Party cabinet have not been solved by today’s shuffle.

“Today, the Premier wasted an opportunity to demonstrate the change the Sask. Party has promised,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “A few titles have changed but the direction and tone that has seen the Sask. Party stumble from ethical scandal to ethical scandal and mismanaged crisis to mismanaged crisis has stayed the same.”

Despite fumbling the province’s economic challenges, misleading people with the deficit and following through on his threat of “draconian cuts,” Kevin Doherty continues on as Finance Minister and, after walking away from his commitment to support Saskatchewan classrooms, Don Morgan not only keeps his job as Minister of Education but has been promoted to Deputy Premier; even with new appointments in Health and Social Services, without a commitment to reverse course, the Ministers will be unable to address the growing crises; Scott Moe has been shuffled back to Minister of the Environment only a year after being shuffled out; the only Indigenous voice around the Cabinet table has been ejected; and the opportunity to increase the number of women in Cabinet was completely wasted.

“Two weeks after hearing the Premier and the rest of Cabinet say they regretted Bill Boyd’s decision to leave Cabinet, we now see proof that they have no regret at all for their own mismanagement or the growing Sask. Party scandals,” said Wotherspoon. “The fact of the matter is that this Premier is presiding over a group that is responsible for the GTH land scandal, the ballooning costs to the Regina Bypass, and cutting desperately needed funds to the SAID program. The people of Saskatchewan are paying the price for Sask. Party mismanagement while the government celebrates their new titles and pats themselves on the back.”

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