Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Sask. NDP slams Sask. Party for mistreating people with intellectual disabilities

Today, Official Opposition Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer and Social Services Critic Meara Conway stood with Barbara Stuckey, the mother of Jessica Stuckey who was jailed for 36 days and is currently detained in a psychiatric hospital because the Sask. Party government has failed to give her the support she needs. Together they called on the Sask. Party government to stop the inhumane and degrading treatment of people living with intellectual disabilities.

Statement from Official Opposition SLGA Critic Nathaniel Teed on the auctioning-off of profitable SLGA stores

I think a lot of people are asking themselves — “is this what I voted for?” Nobody asked for the Sask. Party to sell off profitable liquor stores that pay for our hospitals and schools or to lay off 400 workers in the middle of an affordability crisis. With this important stream of revenue lost, I fear the Sask. Party government will continue to increase taxes and hike power and energy bills again just to pay for their bad financial decisions.

Rate Review Panel Agrees - Scrap the Energy Bill Hike

REGINA - Following the release of the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel’s report recommending SaskEnergy’s proposed rate increases be scrapped, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and SaskEnergy Critic Erika Ritchie called on the Sask. Party government to adopt the recommendation and scrap the proposed rate increase that would make life more expensive for Saskatchewan people.