Beck to fix ambulance care, reform Ambulance Act if elected

New EMS worker reports paint picture of health system in crisis

REGINA - Today, Saskatchewan Opposition Leader Carla Beck announced that, if elected in 2024, she would improve ambulance care and reform Saskatchewan’s Ambulance Act. The announcement came as paramedics and firefighters visited the legislature to advocate for change. 

“EMS workers give so much. They deserve a government that listens and understands the challenges they face every single day,” said Beck. “Simply dumping more and more money into the healthcare system isn’t working. We need to fix the system from the ground up.” 

Saskatchewan’s Ambulance Act was passed in 1989. Beck committed to working collaboratively with paramedics and firefighters to open up and overhaul the legislation. 

“Our health system has become a revolving door because healthcare workers don’t have the supports they need to properly take care of themselves or their patients,” said Rural and Remote Health Critic Matt Love. “Our health system is on life support after 16 years of this Sask. Party government.”

The Opposition revealed the reports of EMS workers during question period to illustrate how badly change is needed. The reports were obtained via freedom of information request. Some excerpts are as follows:

June 15: Busy day right from the start. OLD’s at RGH 3 hrs, Pasqua 2 hrs. OLD’s just cripple our ability to respond.

July 3: Both hospitals just absolutely over run at shift change. Very busy all night. Down two trucks basically lost a crew to each hospital. It’s killing the crews.  

Sep 30: Offloads all day at Pasqua. Open rooms for a lot of the time. Offload delay at general for over an hour with 10 rooms available. Then pt sent to waiting room. OLD bad longest 8+ hours at one point 6 of my 9 units were tied up at the General ER!! 6 of 9!! 2 more tied up at Pasqua, 8 out of 9 units tied up at the hospital, that dawg don’t hunt!!


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