Mowat: Wakaw outbreak latest symptom of a long-term care system in crisis

SASKATOON - With another deadly COVID-19 outbreak in a Saskatchewan long-term care home, the Official Opposition is condemning the government for failing to keep seniors safe. With 42 of 44 residents at Lakeview Pioneer Lodge in Wakaw testing positive for COVID-19 - two of which have already died - the Opposition demands answers to ensure this deadly outbreak will be contained and will not happen again in another facility. 

Official Opposition questions for the first COVID-19 briefing of 2021

At 2:00pm today, Sask. Party Health Minister Paul Merriman will join Dr. Shahab for the first COVID-19 briefing of 2021.

The confidence of Saskatchewan people in their government’s approach to the pandemic has been shaken by the government’s defense of former Highways Minister Joe Hargrave and his trip to Palm Springs, which was only reversed after mounting public pressure and a nation-wide scandal. The people of Prince Albert and all of Saskatchewan still deserve a full explanation and a public apology from both the Premier and the former minister.

But there are also a number of pertinent questions that this government must answer for in its day-to-day handling of COVID-19. Families who have followed the rules and done their part deserve real answers.

Statement by Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili in response to the resignation of Highways Minister Joe Hargrave

In response to Minister Joe Hargrave’s resignation from Cabinet today, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili issued the following statement:

Premier Moe refused to show leadership today. Three days ago when the Minister’s actions were fine. Today when his bogus story about finalizing the sale of his house was exposed, Premier Moe said it was “irrelevant” but because of public pressure the Minister had to go. He shows no real understanding of the anger his government’s arrogance has caused. We all know none of this would have happened if they hadn’t been caught. There was no apology. The people of Saskatchewan deserve much better.