Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Sask. Party hiding information about Boyd’s ‘special’ land deal

Documents received recently by the Saskatchewan NDP under Freedom of Information show that the Sask. Party government gave a ‘special’ land lease to Bill Boyd while he was still a member of the Sask. Party caucus. The land under lease is connected to the ongoing court case where Boyd is facing charges for breaking environmental laws. However, the Sask. Party is refusing to release any details about the ‘special’ land lease.

“Mr. Boyd was described by Brad Wall himself as being in the DNA of the Sask. Party. He has been involved in scandal after scandal from the so-called Smart Meters to the GTH and has relentlessly tried to cover up the facts and avoid transparency,” said NDP Environment Critic Cathy Sproule. “With the Sask. Party’s GTH scandal, they’ve gone to great lengths to block witnesses from testifying and avoid questions from the NDP and media. Now we’re seeing it all again, with the Sask. Party clearly refusing to release documents that should be public.”

Premier Moe brings back same cabinet that mismanaged the economy

By announcing a cabinet today that has a majority of the same ministers who presented the cruel and heartless cuts and unfair tax hikes in the most recent Sask. Party budget, Premier Moe made it clear that he is ignoring the Saskatchewan people who have been calling for something better.

"Meet the new bosses. Same as the old bosses," said Saskatchewan NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. "At a time when Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in two decades and, for the first time in over 40 years, is as high as the national average, Saskatchewan people can't afford more of the same.”

Another Sask. Party cabinet, same lack of transparency

As we wait for the cabinet to be announced, it’s becoming clear it’s the same old Sask. Party. When it comes to transparency, for example, whether it’s releasing information about the GTH or an investigation during the election of their new leader, the Sask. Party is incapable of being open and honest with the people of Saskatchewan.

“The people of Saskatchewan want a government that is open and transparent, but it just doesn’t seem to be possible with the Sask. Party,” said Ethics and Democracy Critic David Forbes. “Even though they just chose a new Premier, they’re clearly the same Sask. Party that says one thing but does another.”

Sask. Party mismanagement causing municipal tax hikes

The people of Regina have now joined people in cities, towns and villages around the province in being forced to face yet another tax hike caused by the Sask. Party. The City of Regina is the latest municipality forced to make tough fiscal decisions in response to the cruel and heartless Sask. Party cuts.

“Cities and towns throughout the province are having their hands forced because, instead of taking responsibility for their own mismanagement of the economy, the Sask. Party has cut funding and downloaded costs on to municipalities,” said NDP Municipal Affairs Critic Nicole Rancourt. “Now it’s Saskatchewan people who are having to pay the price for that mismanagement.”

Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition, Nicole Sarauer, in support of Saskatchewan workers and standing with the government of Alberta

As the Official Opposition in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan NDP stands with the Government of Alberta in opposing the actions announced yesterday by the Government of British Columbia.

We support a collaborative approach to getting pipelines approved that involves working with affected communities and other provincial governments but, with their actions yesterday, the BC government has gone beyond their constitutional powers and is now playing games that will not only hurt Western Canada’s resource development sector but also the thousands of workers who work in the sector and the hundreds of thousands more whose jobs benefit from a stronger economy.

Moe’s promises would mean cutting 1,100 more jobs

The Sask. Party’s bad management of the economy has left Saskatchewan people hurting but, instead of promising to fix the Sask. Party’s policies that led to Saskatchewan now having the worst job creation in the country, Premier-designate Scott Moe promised during his campaign to cut more than 1,100 Saskatchewan jobs.

“Last year, Scott Moe supported and voted for all of the Sask. Party’s heartless cuts, and now, he says he will deal with the growing deficit and debt by throwing more than 1,100 Saskatchewan people out of work,” said NDP Jobs Critic Vicki Mowat. “After three years of seeing less and less employment in Saskatchewan, the Premier-designate’s focus should be on getting Saskatchewan people back to work, not cutting even more jobs.”