NDP: Scott Moe’s Throne Speech a deflection from 4th wave failures

REGINA - Today, the Sask. Party government delivered a Throne Speech that largely ignored the devastating damage caused by Premier Scott Moe’s refusal to listen to the recommendations of this government’s Chief Medical Health Officer, the Saskatchewan Health Authority and every single public health officer in the province.

“What we need from this government is an immediate plan of action to address the crisis Scott Moe created. Anything less is a choice to put politics ahead of the health and safety of the people of Saskatchewan,” said Ryan Meili, Leader of the Official Opposition. “This is a government living with their heads in the sand. The speech references investments in health care without acknowledging no one can currently access the treatments mentioned. Thousands of surgeries, treatments, transplants and therapies have been cancelled and Scott Moe still refuses to accept responsibility for his role in causing it.”

NDP: Scott Moe’s First Year a deadly year of failure

Broken promises and the 4th wave failures hallmarks of Moe’s failed leadership

On the first anniversary of the 2020 provincial election, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili highlighted Scott Moe’s year-long failure to control the third and fourth waves of COVID-19.

“What we have seen from the Premier’s COVID response over the last year is a clear willingness to put politics ahead of the lives of Saskatchewan people,” said Meili. “We know the Premier saw the modelling predicting a deadly fourth wave and still opened the province up anyways. Worse, when voices across the medical community were pleading for him to take action to save lives, he was more focused on his summer plans. That’s failed leadership.”

Statement from Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili

Today Premier Moe gave a State of the Province address that completely ignored the health crisis that his government created.

The state of our province today is that Saskatchewan has the highest active case rate and the lowest vaccination rate in the country.

The state of our province today is that Saskatchewan ICU patients are being medevac’d to Ontario while the Canadian Forces are being flown in to provide care in our hospitals.

The state of our province today is that more than 800 people have died from COVID-19 – including 117 people lost in October alone.

NDP calls for halt to Crown land sales and revised Duty to Consult framework

REGINA: Today, Betty Nippi-Albright, Official Opposition Critic for First Nations and Métis Relations and Truth and Reconciliation, called on the provincial government to cancel its plans to auction off Crown land, fix its broken Duty to Consult policy, and ensure that First Nations with unfulfilled Treaty Land Entitlement claims are given priority when provincial Crown lands are sold off.