Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

New school year brings same old problems in education: NDP

Students and teachers across Saskatchewan are heading back to school today, but because of Sask. Party cuts, many are going back to crowded and underfunded classrooms.

“The first day of school always brings new surprises, but we know that teachers are still struggling with class loads and that students will have a difficult time getting the one-on-one time they need,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck.

NDP calls for action to keep steel workers on the job

In light of the Federal Court of Appeal decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline, the NDP is once again calling on Premier Scott Moe to develop a schedule for replacement of existing pipelines to keep steelworkers on the job. 

“This decision highlights the failures of the federal Liberals to set clear goalposts for major projects. The fact that they went so far as to pay billions for a pipeline without being certain it could be built is the height of incompetence,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “For businesses, for communities and for workers, we need clear guidelines for major projects. The uncertainty produced by errors such as this jeopardizes public and investor confidence in our regulatory system and our economic future.”

NDP questions details of Sask. Party’s carbon tax

The Sask. Party’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may still be full of ‘to be determines’ but what’s clear is they have decided to go down the road of implementing carbon pricing while also leaving to door open to a federally-imposed carbon tax.

“It’s a little bit rich for the Sask. Party to say they don’t want a carbon tax when they’re allowing the federal government to impose one on the province and now they are looking at what is essentially a carbon pricing plan,” said NDP Environment Critic David Forbes. “Unfortunately, as with much of the Sask. Party’s plan to reduce emissions, we still don’t know what the price of the penalties will be and what they will be based on.”

Sask. Party denies information on Legal Aid Saskatoon office closure

After a Freedom of Information request about the Legal Aid office in Saskatoon was denied, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to be more transparent about decisions that have been made or discussed around the closure of the office.

“The jobs lost will prove to be a barrier for so many when it comes to accessing justice fairly, so it's not only important that the right questions are asked, but that answers are actually given,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer.

NDP disappointed in Moe’s failure to commit to new statutory holiday

It was disappointing but not surprising to hear Premier Moe not commit to recognizing the new proposed statutory holiday: National Truth and Reconciliation Day. During a media conference, he said he and his government would have to consider the cost to employers would be.

“For him to say that this would be an issue of cost fails to recognize the significant ongoing cost to our province of residential schools,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Increased health problems, higher levels of poverty, over-representation of Indigenous children in foster care – these are the real ongoing costs of the residential school legacy. Taking the time to recognize this dark period of our history is a key step to remembering our past and ensuring we don’t see similar problems in the future.” 

NDP push for better supports for victims of domestic violence

The federal government as well as other provinces in Canada are moving towards allowing victims of domestic violence paid days off. After being vocal on this issue in the Legislature and in public for many years, the NDP is once again renewing its call to pass legislation to provide this support.

“We all know that the impacts of domestic violence are devastating to the victims, which is why providing the necessary supports is so crucial,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer. “After seeing the steps that other provinces, and now the federal government, have taken on this file, we are hopeful the Sask. Party will follow suit and finally support the legislation we and so many others have been calling for.”