Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Saskatchewan people have good reasons to wonder who the Sask. Party is really working for

In the weeks since releasing their budget, it is becoming clear the Sask. Party have forgotten who they are supposed to be working for. They used their budget to give big tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy and well-connected, while handing Saskatchewan families over a billion dollars in tax hikes and massive funding cuts to everything from the big cities to small town classrooms. 

REALITY CHECK: Deputy Minister thrown under the school bus while Deputy Premier drives it in circles

It’s not easy trying to run a Saskatchewan school division these days. First, the Sask. Party took away their ability to control their own revenue, and then they refused to provide proper funding to take care of the little things, like making sure roofs don’t leak… or cave in. The Sask. Party is $1.5 billion behind in school repairs and 75 per cent of all school roofs will likely fail within the next five years.