Statement from NDP Leader Ryan Meili on the transfer of Intensive Care Patients to Ontario

Today my thoughts are with the families of the critically ill patients who are being sent out-of-province because the Sask. Party failed to support our health system. Unfortunately, due to lack of planning and unwillingness to put patients and the people of this province first, our only option is to send patients across the country to receive care. It’s unacceptable.

This was an avoidable situation, but it is the result of a premier who always puts politics ahead of people's lives. Today we learned six patients are being transferred across the country, but we know there are likely more to come. The sad thing about this is it was entirely avoidable. For over a month, we've been calling on this government to speak to the military, to the federal government to get every possible form of help available. 

This government has decreased staffing for testing and tracing and they have decreased our ability to respond by dismantling our field hospitals. They have refused the offers from the federal Minister of Health to have more staff here on the ground and keep our patients in province with their loved ones. It is further evidence of a premier who refuses to take any responsibility for his own failures and who isn't fit for his job. This premier repeatedly chose to put politics ahead of people's lives. And frankly, Saskatchewan people deserve better. 


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