Saskatchewan New Democrats call for Truth and Reconciliation for the Île-à-la-Crosse and Timber Bay residential schools

REGINA -  NDP Leader Ryan Meili and Betty Nippi-Albright, Critic for Truth and Reconciliation & First Nations and Métis Relations, called on Premier Scott Moe to apologize and take ownership - on behalf of Saskatchewan - for the damage caused to  First Nations and Métis people at the  Île-à-la-Crosse and Timber Bay residential schools.

 “It is long past time that both orders of government fully take responsibility for their respective roles in the abuse, neglect, loss of language and culture, and violence that many First Nations and Métis people were subjected to in these institutions,” said Nippi Albright. “The legacy of the residential schools lives with us to this day. Only by acknowledging and confronting the wrong that was done to Indigenous people and communities can we work to real truth and reconciliation.”

Provincial Auditor’s Report shows Sask. Party government failing patient safety, education for Saskatchewan families

REGINA - The Provincial Auditor’s Report highlights significant failings by the Sask. Party government in both patient safety in our health care system and early learning.

In regards to patient safety, the Provincial Auditor found:

  • The overall number and types of critical incidents reported in Saskatchewan are not trending downwards
  • The Ministry does not monitor whether the Saskatchewan Health Authority sufficiently addressed causes of reported critical incidents, and improved patient safety
  • 68 percent of planned corrective actions included in the critical incident reports were reported as not implemented

Meili calls for “Last Mile Lottery” to increase vaccine uptake in Saskatchewan

SASKATOON - With clear evidence that Saskatchewan’s vaccine rollout is slowing down and  falling behind other provinces, NDP Leader Ryan Meili called on the Sask. Party government to adopt a “Last Mile Lottery” to increase vaccine uptake in Saskatchewan.

“We all want to put this pandemic behind us as quickly as possible. Families have sacrificed so much and we need to pull out all the stops to go the last mile and reach herd immunity as quickly as possible,” said Meili. “An incentive like the one we propose here today would be an excellent way to get all hands on deck - especially as we are still in a race between the vaccines and the variants, particularly the Delta variant that is more aggressive and resistant.”

“Abysmal” minimum wage increase moves Saskatchewan from the worst in Canada - to the second-worst in Canada

SASKATOON - NDP Leader Ryan Meili slammed the Sask. Party’s announcement of a 36 cent increase to the minimum wage as of October 1, 2021 as “abysmal” and an insult to front-line workers who have sacrificed so much over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Workers in this province have done everything that the government and public health officials have asked of them - and in return Premier Scott Moe has rewarded them with the second-lowest minimum wage in Canada,” said Meili. “Saskatchewan workers deserve so much better, and the economic recovery we all want to see won’t mean much if it doesn’t include working families being able to get back on their feet.”

Statement by NDP Deputy Leader and Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer on Pine Grove Correctional Centre

“I was shocked to learn from workers and SGEU of the concerning situation at Pine Grove Correctional Centre. According to a memo sent to affected staff, a COVID-19 outbreak in the centre has left correctional service workers in an impossible situation. Those staff who worked between May 17 and May 31 are required to continue working but must otherwise self-isolate. This amounts to workers paying the price for Minister Christine Tell and Sask. Party’s failure to control COVID-19 and keep it out of correctional centres.

 These hard-working provincial employees are being punished for the minister's complete abdication of duty and oversight. The Sask. Party government should have prioritized vaccinating staff and inmates when they had the chance, as recommended by both national guidelines and public health officials in the SHA. Employees (mostly women and many with families) are now having to pay for the Sask. Party government’s mixed messages and incompetence.

Once again, it is working families being failed by this government. It’s unacceptable. Saskatchewan deserves better.”