Meili: This is the absolute worst time to be cutting education funding for our kids

SASKATOON – Today, Leader of the NDP Official Opposition Ryan Meili lambasted Premier Scott Moe and the Sask. Party government for breaking their campaign promise and cutting funding to our children’s classrooms. School boards across Saskatchewan find themselves with budget shortfalls and are being forced to cut due to this government’s economic mismanagement.

NDP Statement on National Indigenous Peoples Day

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, NDP Leader Ryan Meili and Betty Nippi-Albright, Critic for First Nations and Métis Relations & Truth and Reconciliation, issued the following statement:

“This year more than ever, there is an urgency to address the history of the residential school system. The discovery of the bodies of 215 children at a former residential school in British Columbia, and the knowledge that there are many more undiscovered right here in Saskatchewan, means we must turn our grief into action.

While we wish to celebrate, it is difficult with so many people and communities being re-traumatized. Our province has seen first-hand the legacy of the residential schools: increased health problems, higher levels of poverty, over-representation of Indigenous children in foster care and unacceptably high incarceration rates for Indigenous people. Taking the time to recognize this dark period of our history is a key step to remembering our past, fixing the problems that exist today and ensuring a better future for everyone.

We must stand together to eliminate racism and to close the gaps in health, employment, justice and education between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.”

Sask NDP Caucus launches radio campaign to boost northern vaccine rates

LA RONGE – Today, the MLAs for Athabasca and Cumberland, Buckley Belanger and Doyle Vermette, launched a radio campaign to address vaccine hesitancy and boost COVID-19 vaccination rates in the North. While first dose vaccination rates are stalling across the province, Belanger and Vermette are particularly concerned about uptake in their regions.

“The Sask Party government has been missing-in-action in the North. They’ve just completely written us off,” said Belanger. “A lot of folks up here are extremely dependent on community. The way this virus works, we know that folks in the North are especially vulnerable. This government should have prioritized a strategy to get shots into arms in these communities, but they have clearly chosen otherwise.”

Sask. Party’s cuts to education means kids pay price; fewer jobs in Saskatoon

SASKATOON - NDP Leader Ryan Meili and Education Critic Carla Beck blasted the Sask. Party’s cuts to our kids’ classrooms that have now hit the largest school division in the province. Saskatoon Public schools face an $8 million shortfall, forcing staggering reductions to the services our kids need coming out of a pandemic.

“The Premier campaigned on two main promises: balancing the budget and not cutting services,” said Meili. “He lied about both. How can the Premier justify borrowing money and not giving a dime to schools? Kids will return this fall after already sacrificing a year and a half of quality classroom time to COVID-19. How is this acceptable?”

Meili Calls on Sask. Party to follow other provinces and provide Last Mile vaccine incentives

SASKATOON - A week after NDP Leader Ryan Meili called for incentives to address Saskatchewan’s slow first dose numbers, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is going ahead with a lottery and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced a lottery over the weekend. Meili called on the Sask. Party government to revisit their position against providing an incentive program in Saskatchewan.

“Premier Scott Moe’s failed leadership didn’t move quickly enough to protect Saskatchewan families and businesses from the second and third waves of COVID-19,” said Meili. “Now as we are looking forward to re-opening our province, it’s crucial that our vaccine roll-out does not suffer the same fate.”

Sask. Party’s cuts to education resulting in cuts to services across the province

REGINA – Today, Carla Beck, Official Opposition Education Critic, denounced the very real consequences students and families are facing due to the Sask. Party government’s cuts to education. School boards across Saskatchewan are continuing to take drastic steps and make cuts to staff and services in the lead up to budgets being submitted to the Minister on June 30th.