Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

NDP raises concern about Sask. homeowners falling further behind

Through their failure to invest in Saskatchewan people and Saskatchewan jobs, the Sask. Party government has left homeowners struggling when it comes to meeting their mortgage payments. According to a recent report released by the Canadian Bankers Association, Saskatchewan has the highest rate of people who are behind on their mortgages.

“We’ve now climbed to three times the national average. That speaks to a lot of stress and heartache for families who are struggling to pay their bills,” said NDP Housing Critic Nicole Rancourt. “Instead of providing opportunities for economic growth and an increase in wages, the Sask. Party has cut funding to job creation programs and refused to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. They are holding Saskatchewan residents back.”

Value of building permits plummets after Sask. Party addition of PST to construction contracts

As the Saskatchewan Construction Association warned would happen over a year ago, the addition of PST to construction contracts is drastically impacting Saskatchewan’s construction industry. Today, Statistics Canada released the latest value of building permits report from August and it shows the average building permit in Saskatchewan has dropped by 32.9 per cent since August 2017.

“Removing the PST exemption has hit Saskatchewan’s construction industry hard,” said NDP Housing Critic Nicole Rancourt. “We’re already losing people to other provinces due to a lack of job opportunities and lower wages, and that policy choice only made the situation worse.”

NDP calls on Sask. Party minister to clarify Crown president’s public endorsement of federal Conservative candidate

The Saskatchewan NDP is seeking government response on an endorsement of a federal party candidate by the president of SaskWater, which in turn was publicly amplified by Cabinet Minister and MLA for Meadow Lake Jeremy Harrison.  

“This issue is about the people of Saskatchewan being able to trust that the Sask. Party are managing our Crown Corporations in a responsible and ethical manner,” said NDP Critic for Ethics and Democracy David Forbes. “There are some concerns here, so we expect the Minister to take the appropriate actions and restore that trust.”

NDP and Saskatchewan Building Trades call for better procurement to create jobs for Saskatchewan people

Today NDP Leader Ryan Meili, Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon, and Saskatchewan Building Trades Executive Director Dion Malakoff gathered at the Chinook Power Station construction site near Swift Current to call on the Sask. Party government to fix their procurement policies to increase the benefits for Saskatchewan workers.

“When the province spends public dollars on infrastructure projects for Crown Corporations, highways, schools, and hospitals, those dollars should go towards creating jobs for Saskatchewan workers,” said Meili. “Instead, we’ve seen contracts for out-of-province companies, lower average weekly earnings, and higher unemployment for the people of our province. They aren’t delivering when it comes to creating good jobs for Saskatchewan people.”

Meili commits to $15/hour minimum wage

Today’s meagre increase in the minimum wage to $11.06/hour, the second lowest in the country, leaves Saskatchewan workers struggling to make ends meet.

“When the minimum wage has been so low for so long, an extra dime an hour just doesn’t cut it,” said NDP Leader and Jobs Critic Ryan Meili. “People earning minimum wage work incredibly hard, and they’re still falling behind because of this conservative government’s inaction. No one should be working full time and still living in poverty.”

RFP raises questions about Premier Moe’s commitment to a new hospital for Prince Albert: NDP

The NDP is calling on Premier Scott Moe to clarify his commitment to a new hospital in Prince Albert. Moe campaigned on a promise of a new, provincially funded hospital for P.A. during his successful run for leadership of the Sask. Party last year, but a recently released request for proposals (RFP) by the Saskatchewan Health Authority for the “redevelopment” of the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert suggests the Premier may now be backing away from that promise.

“The Premier and Finance Minister have repeatedly promised the people of Prince Albert a new hospital,” said Prince Albert Northcote MLA Nicole Rancourt. “We know that this promised new hospital is desperately needed to ensure the people of the city and surrounding area get the care they need, so why is the Sask. Party quietly moving away from this commitment?”