New Sask. Party tax hits families, producers and small business owners

Tomorrow, Saskatchewan families, producers, and small business owners will be hit by the latest of the Sask. Party’s unfair tax hikes – a new tax on insurance. Meanwhile, the Sask. Party’s corporate, wealthy, and well-connected friends will continue to reap the benefits of their $100 million tax giveaway.

“From their callous cuts to their desperate sell-offs and these unfair tax hikes, it’s clear, the Sask. Party isn’t working for Saskatchewan people anymore,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule.

Recent reports have shown that the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste have left the Saskatchewan economy lagging behind other provinces, have left thousands more Saskatchewan people looking for work, and have left more and more Saskatchewan families struggling to make ends meet.

“On top of everything else, the dry conditions this summer have many producers very worried,” said Sproule. “This new Sask. Party tax on crop insurance is a hit on producers at the worst possible time and the last thing anyone in Saskatchewan needs right now is a new Sask. Party tax.” 

As part of the billion dollars in fee and tax increases the Sask. Party announced this year, they raised the PST from five to six per cent and added it to everything from kids’ clothes to a cup of coffee. This Sask. Party tax grab includes all insurance premiums and made Saskatchewan the only province in Canada where people are forced to pay provincial sales tax on health and life insurance.

 “Nobody likes paying their insurance bill but we all have to if we drive a car to work, need affordable medication, want to protect what we own, or ensure that our loved ones are cared for after we’re gone,” said Sproule. “The fact that the Sask. Party is making insurance even more expensive and pushing this protection – including health and life insurance – further out of reach for many in Saskatchewan, shows just how out of touch they have become.” 

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