NEW INDEPENDENT POLLING: Sask. NDP, Sask. Party neck and neck

Saskatchewan people much more concerned about healthcare, affordability than pronouns

REGINA - Today, the independent Saskatoon-based market research firm Insightrix released new polling. The polling shows the Saskatchewan NDP and the Sask. Party neck and neck, with Sask. Party support shrinking and Sask. NDP support growing. 

“I think it shows that people are sick and tired of divisive, American-style politics,” said Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck. “People just want their elected leaders to focus on getting the basics right, like fixing healthcare or making life more affordable. We’re focused on delivering real results on the issues keeping Saskatchewan people up at night.”

From September to October, the Saskatchewan NDP’s favourables grew from 39% to 45%. The Sask. Party’s favourables shrunk over the same time period, from 53% to 51%. The two parties are now within a tight 6 points.

Compared to the Sask. Party, the Sask. NDP is leading 59% to 37% in Regina, 65% to 31% in Saskatoon, and has seen upward growth in the North and South of the province since Insightrix’s last poll in July.

Respondents were also asked which issues would have the most impact on their vote if an election were held today. The rising cost of living was the number one concern, with 58% saying it is one of their top three issues. Healthcare came in at a close second with 53%. The pronoun issue was a distant eighth place with 14%. Only 18% of Sask. Party leaning supporters identifying it as a top priority.

The polling was commissioned by the Skoop Podcast, hosted by former Sask. Party Director of Communications Dale Richardson, former Sask. Party Finance Minister Kevin Doherty and former Sask. NDP Chief of Staff Sally Housser.

The poll was conducted October 4th to 6th, days after Scott Moe declared the first emergency recall of the Legislature in a quarter century to debate pronouns. 


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