NDP welcomes Prime Minister’s agreement to also extend EI benefits the people of southern Saskatchewan

Standing with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reversed course today and moved to include workers in Southern Saskatchewan in the extended employment insurance benefits announced to other regions in the recent federal budget.

"This is victory that is shared by hard working people across the province but it's no coincidence that the Prime Minister chose to make this announcement with Premier Notley in Alberta and not here," said  NDP Jobs Critic Warren McCall. "Premier Wall sent an angry tweet following the budget but refused to engage in a way that would bring assistance to the families in Southern Saskatchewan who had been excluded from receiving these much-needed benefits.”

When the federal budget was announced during the provincial campaign, the NDP was critical of the Federal government for excluding the people of Southern Saskatchewan who had been hit hard by the downturn in the oil sector.

"We are talking about people who work hard in a sector that plays an important role in the economy of the province and the country," said McCall. "New Democrats are proud of the work that was done to ensure they are no longer being left out by the federal government."

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