NDP Statement: Time for Action on Climate Change and Good Jobs

In response to the IPCC report, NDP Environment Critic Erika Ritchie released the following statement:

“Today’s report by the United Nations climate panel is disturbing. Saskatchewan families want to do what’s right for the environment and for our economic future. 

Unfortunately, the Sask. Party has failed to come up with a credible climate change plan. This has left Saskatchewan people and our economy exposed. The continuing wildfires and distressing drought experienced in our province prove that we need a real plan, something this Sask. Party government has refused to provide.

The provincial government’s latest report on climate progress included no new measures related to mitigation through emissions reductions – which is unchanged since the original document was published in 2016. While adaptation is important, it is the Sask. Party’s only focus, and they have no plans to actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our province. In fact, despite promises to reduce emissions, they have continued to increase.

Urgent action is needed now to:

  • Commit to a target that reduces Saskatchewan greenhouse gas emissions in line with Canada’s international obligations to address global climate change
  • Ensure funds from carbon pricing in Saskatchewan are redistributed in a progressive manner that recognizes the distinct needs of rural communities and agriculture producers
  • Develop a province-wide on-bill financing program, modeled on our Renew Saskatchewan proposal, to allow homeowners, renters and businesses to invest in renewable power and energy efficient retrofits
  • Advocate to the federal government for enhanced support the development of new industries in the province, given the larger impact of climate change and carbon pricing on our economy
  • Work with SaskPower to harness the power of renewables to make Saskatchewan a green energy leader in Canada

Scott Moe’s plan isn’t working for Saskatchewan families, producers or businesses. While our emissions continue to increase we’re losing jobs and losing people. 20,000 people have lost their jobs since the pandemic began, the worst jobs record in Canada. We need a proactive approach to tackle climate change and protect and create good, sustainable jobs here in Saskatchewan.”

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