NDP: Release the Chief Medical Health Officer’s recommendations

Transparency needed on disastrous choices in 4th wave

SASKATOON - Today, Official Opposition Health Critic Vicki Mowat called on the province to release all recommendations that informed the Premier and Health Minister’s decision to scrap all public health measures in July and to create a transparent public reporting system on advice given by Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer moving forward. 

“It took over two weeks for the Premier to implement Dr. Shahab’s recommendations for vaccine mandates and indoor masking. We’re in a global pandemic -- every day this government sits on its hands has a cost” said Mowat. “If the Premier and his Health Minister want to claim they have in fact taken the independent expert advice of Dr. Shahab throughout the pandemic, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to show their work.” 

In August, Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer told the media he recommended indoor masking and proof of vaccination. It took the province nearly three weeks to introduce those measures. Despite repeated questioning from the media on what advice the Premier and the Health Minister have received from Dr. Shahab, they have refused to disclose what advice has been given. 

“Saskatchewan people are now seeing this government’s response to the 4th wave for what it is - pandering to anti-vaxxers when they should have been protecting people. We need transparent information about what expert advice was thrown to the wayside and process to ensure this doesn’t happen again” said Mowat. “Anything less is a betrayal of Saskatchewan people’s trust.” 


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