NDP re-introduces bill to support survivors of domestic violence

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer has reintroduced her legislation to ensure supports for survivors of domestic violence. 

“Last spring, the Sask. Party passed one of the three recommendations we brought forward in our legislation and, while it was a good first step, it wasn’t enough,” said NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “Other provinces moved ahead with initiatives like these and, when you consider that Saskatchewan is the province with the highest rate of domestic violence, we obviously must do more.”

Sarauer’s bill, Bill No. 605 – The Saskatchewan Employment (Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence) Amendment Act would ensure that victims of domestic violence are protected while at work and, in necessary, entitled to paid leave.

“We know that domestic violence not only impacts survivors—coworkers, managers, organizations, and businesses are also affected,” said Crystal Giesbrecht, Director of Research and Communications. “PATHS’ recent research on the impact of domestic violence in Saskatchewan workplaces illustrated the importance of supporting survivors to maintain their employment. PATHS believes that workplaces have a crucial role to play in providing safety and support to workers and legislation is necessary for ensuring all workers in the province receive support and protection.”

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