NDP raises concern over lack of transparency with irrigation districts

Today, Agriculture Critic Yens Pedersen raised concerns on behalf of farmers in Saskatchewan irrigation districts who feel bullied by the provincial government. The Sask. Party government is insisting on non-disclosure clauses in connection with its privatization of hundreds of millions of dollars of public irrigation assets.

“Members of irrigation districts are frustrated that they can’t discuss these details without jeopardizing their funding because of government-enforced gag orders,” said Pedersen. “If the Sask. Party government doesn’t want to look like they’re hiding something, they’re doing a poor job of it.”

Pedersen stood in the Legislative Assembly and asked straightforward questions seeking clarity on behalf of the farmers who have been left frustrated by the process:

  • Why is the Minister insisting on confidentiality clauses in the agreements with the province’s irrigation districts?
  • What possible sensitivity is there? What is he trying to hide?

“Forcing these members to sit quietly behind closed doors is not an open and transparent process, nor will it produce a good deal,” said Pedersen. “It’s time for the government to give farmers the answers they need to make informed decisions about these important assets.”

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