NDP raises concern over incidents with privatized laundry services

Many workers were laid off following the Sask. Party’s decision to privatize laundry services in the health sector, and since then, stories have come to the surface about laundry coming back to healthcare centres soiled. Most recently, a discarded shank has shown up in the sheets delivered to a seniors’ facility.

“The Sask. Party didn’t seem too concerned when they shut down Saskatchewan’s five publicly owned hospital laundry facilities and sent the contract off to an Alberta company, but these complaints should change their tune,” said Seniors Critic Danielle Chartier. “No family should have to worry about their loved one not receiving properly cleaned and inspected laundry when they’re in the care of the health authority.”

Chartier said she has heard many stories of soiled and dirty laundry being sent to the province’s health facilities, and even obtained an incident report from a long-term care home in Melville that depicted a makeshift shank being found in cleaned sheets.

Former laundry staff have also spoken out about their concerns of diminished quality of service.

“Safety and quality of care should come foremost when delivering healthcare,” Chartier said. “When dirty and unsafe laundry is being delivered for use, that means the Sask. Party has dropped the ball. These incidents point to the failure of this government’s privatization agenda.”

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