The Saskatchewan NDP is questioning the involvement of Grant Devine and other Sask. Party insiders in securing an agreement for specialized crystal methamphetamine inpatient treatment services at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Estevan.

“Just six months ago, Grant Devine emailed a proposal for for-profit addictions treatment services to, among others, Brad Wall’s former Chief of Staff,” said Meili. “He goes on to say that he hopes to meet with Premier Moe in the new year on the project. Six months later, after years of calls for more addictions beds, the facility has a $1.4 million line in the budget.”

Meili pressed the Premier for answers regarding whether he had spoken with or met with Grant Devine or others advocating for the proposal, what correspondence had been exchanged regarding it, and how the venture Devine’s email described as “profitable” was fast-tracked when action to address the addictions has been slow and other communities have not received the kinds of investments they need.

“Police and community leaders across the province have been raising the alarm that meth and fentanyl addictions are driving crime and destroying lives at a horrific pace,” said Meili. “Why does it take the lobbying efforts of a former Premier to get this province to act?  Why was there no tender? And where is the plan for more beds in other communities?”

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