NDP move to designate April as Sikh Heritage Month

Today in the Legislature, the Saskatchewan NDP introduced Bill 616: An Act to proclaim the month of April as Sikh Heritage Month.

“It’s important that we live by our province’s motto, From Many Peoples, Strength, and in doing so recognizing the rich contributions that the Sikh community has made in Saskatchewan. Whether it’s economically, culturally, or socially,” said Trent Wotherspoon, who tabled the bill in the presence of many Sikh community leaders.

For Sikh Canadians, the month of April is significant as it includes the celebration of Vaisakhi. As part of the celebration, parades are held throughout the province, with love being the main message.

“Sikh Canadians make up such a vibrant and growing community within our province that it’s only right that we celebrate the contributions of Sikh heritage, art, and culture in this way,” Wotherspoon said. “Sikh Canadians contribute so much to communities throughout the province, and we’re honoured to stand and recognize that contribution today.”

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