NDP introduce bill to ban paid blood donations

Today, NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat introduced Bill No. 617 — The Voluntary Blood Donation Act in an effort to strengthen the province’s volunteer blood donor system and limit safety risks associated with paying for blood donations.

“By making it clear that you can’t pay someone to make a blood donation, we will ensure that donations will stay in the province and serve Saskatchewan people who need it, while also bolstering the volunteer system run by Canadian Blood Services (CBS),” Mowat said.

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec have already moved to ban paid plasma donations.

“We know that paid donations wind up in the hands of international pharmaceutical companies instead of those who need it in Saskatchewan and we also know that donations decreased after a pay for plasma clinic was opened in Saskatoon,” Mowat said. “This bill will support CBS in a way where they can increase donations and serve the people of the province better.”

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