NDP highlights safety concerns raised about the Sask. Party’s Regina Bypass

Today, NDP Highways and Infrastructure Critic Buckley Belanger met with concerned Balgonie resident Jesse Edwards to discuss the safety, design and quality control of the Regina Bypass. One glaring issue is the hole in the Tower Road bridge overpass just east of Regina. There is also significant erosion taking place underneath that same overpass.

“The Regina Bypass is nothing short of a $2 billion disaster,” said Belanger. “We have overpasses that aren’t constructed to handle tractor trailers and farming equipment. We have overpasses that are literally crumbling as cars drive over them. The Sask. Party government wasted taxpayer dollars on what has now become a safety issue.”

The Regina Bypass has been hailed as a project focused on safety, but with the illegal dumping of concrete and the sinking Tower Road bridge overpass, the project is looking more like a hazard than a wise investment.

“The Sask. Party did not take into account what kind of land they were building on and it’s coming back to bite them,” said Belanger. “We need to hold this government accountable and show them that we value the safety of our residents and the value of our investments. The Tower Road bridge overpass needs to be fixed immediately.”

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