NDP fights for Crowns as Sask. Party sell-off continues

Despite the public’s outrage at the slow sell-off of our province’s valuable Crowns, the Sask. Party government is pushing ahead with the sale of two publicly owned gas plants to a private, out-of-province company for $31.3 million.

“Saskatchewan’s publicly owned Crown Corporations were built by Saskatchewan people, for Saskatchewan people. They’re a proud pillar of our economy, delivering vital public services at affordable rates. But the Sask. Party has shown through their actions that we simply can’t trust them with our Crowns,” said NDP SaskEnergy Critic Nicole Rancourt. “Again and again, they’ve failed to be transparent about how they’re managing our Crowns. They sold off STC just a few months after telling voters it was safe. They won’t tell us how much they got for our STC assets, and now they’re selling off SaskEnergy assets.”

Today, Rancourt delivered a letter to Minister of SaskEnergy Bronwyn Eyre seeking information over how and why this sale is being pursued. Specifically, the NDP is seeking answers to questions including: what was the sale price for the Kisbey and Coleville gas plants? In the last ten years, how much did SaskEnergy invest to maintain and upgrade each plant? What was the most recent assessment of value for the plants?

“The most important question we’re asking on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan is, does this government plan to sell any other SaskEnergy assets? Minister Eyre and the Sask. Party need to be honest about their plans for our Crowns, and whether they’re out to strengthen them or weaken them,” said Rancourt. “We can’t let the Sask. Party keep carving them up and selling them off behind closed doors.”

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