NDP calls on the Sask. Party to audit true cost of scrapping STC

With the Sask. Party’s sell-off of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company going to court tomorrow, the NDP is calling for the government to undertake a value-for-dollar audit to learn the true cost of losing the STC.

“The Sask. Party has admitted that they did no cost analysis or planning before announcing that they were rushing to scrap this service that is so vital to so many families and businesses throughout the province,” said STC Critic Doyle Vermette. “The Sask. Party’s refusal to look at what the real costs are for this sell-off show what a desperate move this is and how little they care about the broader consequences and who is hurt by their mismanagement, scandal, and waste.”

In 2012, the Ontario government rushed to sell off the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, and like the Sask. Party, touted that it would save the province millions. However, a special report was written by Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk in 2013 showed that the selloff would actually end up costing the government as much as $820 million in lost services. The Ontario government partially relented but the costs of what they did sell off have still ballooned beyond any preconceived savings.

Vermette said the case on Ontario shows the importance of a value for dollar audit being done before the selloff takes place.

“The scrapping of STC will hurt farmers and businesses along with families and those trying to access medical appointments,” said Vermette. “On top of that, there are enormous costs associated with the services that are being provided by STC that the government will have to account for.” 

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