NDP calls on Sask. Party to stop lying about GTH scandal

As more is revealed about Sask. Party GTH scandal, Saskatchewan people deserve the truth

Today, documents were released that poke even more holes in the Sask. Party’s claims about their GTH scandal. NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer called on the Sask. Party to stop hiding behind partisan excuses, calls for inquiries and investigations, and to finally tell Saskatchewan people the truth.

“With every new bit of information that comes out, the pieces of the puzzle that will reveal the truth start to fit together and the web the Sask. Party has been weaving becomes more and more tangled,” said Sarauer. “It’s unacceptable for the Sask. Party to now use the ongoing RCMP investigation as yet another excuse to hide the truth. No police investigation has ever been harmed by the facts.”

Given the timeline of events that we now know, it makes no sense for the Sask. Party to deny the truth.

“It’s clear that some senior members of the Sask. Party government, including the then Sask. Party Minister of the Economy and the GTH and other senior staff wanted to buy the land at the heart of the Sask. Party GTH scandal at a questionably high price. It is also clear that this group kept the Premier’s office informed of the unusual lengths they took to ensure that the sale went through,” said Sarauer. “Those involved ignored recommendations from both the GTH and the Ministry of Highways and sought to ensure the best price for the Sask. Party supporter selling the land – not the best price for the Saskatchewan people’s tax dollars.”

Sarauer also noted that the Premier himself has said that he ‘was there through this whole process’ and the entire Sask. Party Cabinet supported the sale that led to the GTH scandal.

“The first attempt at the deal was shown to cabinet in 2012 and was rejected. When it came back with a different seller and a higher price in 2013, they approved it,” said Sarauer. “The Premier and every cabinet minister needs to explain why.”

“Saskatchewan people deserve nothing less than the truth,” said Sarauer. “And they deserve it now.” 

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