NDP calls on Sask. Party to step up for suffering young girl

Three-year-old Emily Summers spends her nights in agony while she continues to wait for ear surgery. Today, NDP Associate Health Critic Nicole Sarauer described Emily’s case as heartbreaking and called on the Sask. Party and the local Sask. Party MLA to stop the excuses and finally ensure that Emily – and others like her – can get the care she desperately needs.

“The Sask. Party used to brag about the work they were doing to reduce surgery wait times but now, after all of their cuts, we’re seeing the waits are getting longer again and that means people like Emily and her mother have to continue to suffer while they wait,” she said. “Emily has been suffering for far too long – we need to see some action immediately.”

Emily had tubes put in her ears two years ago to help deal with fluid buildup. Since then, Emily has had many nights where she stays up crying while she bleeds from her ears. This has led to many meetings with specialists and recommendations for surgery.

 Emily’s mother Jenn Bustin said the wait list for the surgery needed is supposed to be three months but her first referral to a surgeon was in August 2015 when she first noticed the puss and blood coming from Emily’s ear. Since then, only temporary solutions have been provided and Emily is getting worse. Bustin is also concerned that Emily is now developing speech problems as well. She has reached out to her MLA and several government agencies, but has received no help. She is desperately looking for a permanent solution – a surgery – without any more delay.

“Our daughter went through complete hell from inadequate care and we were promised change, but yet nothing has changed and perhaps only gotten worse,” Bustin said. “I asked for help and the minister sent us to a website. Seeing her struggle with this now just seems like a cruel nightmare of déjà vu. How many other children are out there suffering?” 

It’s a question was echoed by Sarauer.

“We hear a lot about Sask. Party cuts and claw backs in healthcare and how these cuts are hurting people in real ways throughout the province,” Sarauer said. “It’s disappointing, and needs to stop. What more does a little girl like Emily have to go through before the Sask. Party admits they are wrong and solves the problem?” 

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