NDP calls on Sask. Party to invest wisely in Saskatchewan people this budget

The Saskatchewan NDP is laying out its vision for what the upcoming budget should include, and it comes with a strong focus on making smart investments to grow the economy, create jobs and undo the damage the Sask. Party has done with cuts to education and the programs that help the most vulnerable. 

“What we need in this budget are the right investments that will get Saskatchewan people back to work and grow the economy,” NDP Leader Ryan Meili said. “The Sask. Party has taken a short-sighted approach in previous budgets, spending excessively on pet projects while cutting the core services that are the foundation for future prosperity. That's why we're calling on the Sask. Party to change their approach and budget with the best interests of all Saskatchewan people in mind.” 

Investments in key areas such as education, housing, health care and early childhood development increase economic activity and reduce costs in key areas such as health, justice and social services. 

Despite doubling the debt in five years and running deficits seven out of eleven years, the Sask. Party has reduced investment in the areas that have the biggest influence on our prosperity. This hurts people in the short-term and slows down our economy in the long-term, and leaves the Sask. Party playing accounting games to cover up their mismanagement. 

“Playing shell games in order to paint a rosy picture is not the same as actually funding services,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. What the people of Saskatchewan need is for the Sask. Party to actually commit to fully restoring funding to education and help create jobs, or else we will continue to see climbing debt and more people leaving Saskatchewan to find better opportunities in other provinces.”

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