NDP calls on Sask. Party to finally address childcare

Families, children, and the Saskatchewan economy are all paying the price for the Sask. Party’s abysmal record and refusal to act on childcare.

“Saskatchewan has fewer childcare spaces per capita than any other province or territory and has some of the worst taxation of child care centres in Canada,” said Early Learning and Childcare Critic Carla Beck. “That poor record means that childcare centres are struggling to keep the lights on while families throughout the province are having to pay more for limited childcare spaces.”

Beck pointed out that the NDP have been fighting for improvements and proposing solutions. Beck noted, as an example, the petitions she has presented and questions she has asked the Minister calling for an end to the unfair policy of forcing licensed non-profit childcare centres in Saskatchewan to pay commercial property taxes, which is not done in Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

“Access to affordable childcare is essential to giving parents the opportunity join the workforce, get a job, and contribute, in that way, to Saskatchewan’s economy,” Beck said. “The Sask. Party refused to act on this important issue while record revenues were rolling in. Now, with after nearly a decade of Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal, and waste, times are tougher and Saskatchewan families are paying the price again.”

Julie Eisler is one parent who, every day, feels the effects of not having affordable childcare available.

“As the income earner for my household, daycare is not optional for me, it's a necessity,” she said. “I’m hopeful a space becomes available for my infant when I return to work. When that time comes, my children's total monthly childcare bill will amount to more than a third of my take home pay. It will equate to more than twice my monthly mortgage payment.”

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