NDP calls for universal coverage for Mifegymiso in the only province that doesn’t offer it

With Manitoba announcing it will provide full coverage for Mifegymiso, Saskatchewan is now the only province in the country that doesn’t, which is something the NDP believes needs to change.

“This Sask. Party government has stalled on providing coverage for this important and cost-effective drug at every turn, and now Saskatchewan is at the back of the pack,” said NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat. “The evidence is clear that it’s cheaper and safer. And the need is there, especially in rural and remote parts of the province, but still this government resists providing better access for women. Instead of leading, we are once again falling way behind.”  

The Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan has been calling for full coverage for the drug, and even presented a business case to the government highlighting the cost savings associated with the drug.

As a result of the government’s inaction, most pharmacies in the province aren’t even stocking the drug, leaving women throughout the province with no access. Instead of taking action to help women, the Minister responsible for Rural and Remote Health spoke at an anti-choice rally, encouraging those attending the rally to continue their battle saying, “I’ll continue to do what I can in my professional capacity.”

“With the Sask. Party’s continued stalling on providing coverage for Mifegymiso, and the province’s delivery of gynecological oncology services in disarray, it’s clear that this government is failing women,” Mowat said. “There is absolutely no excuse for this level of neglect and mismanagement of these important services.”

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