NDP calling on Sask. Party to commit to fully fund teachers’ contract

The Sask. Party has shown they do not learn from their mistakes, and have failed, yet again, to commit to fully funding a duly bargained contract for teachers. This lack of commitment comes after we saw all the damaging effects not funding the teacher’s contract had on our education system since their initial 2016 decision.

“We have seen previously how these decisions devastate our schools," said NDP Education critic Carla Beck. “When the Sask. Party can’t commit to fully funding an agreement bargained in good faith and cuts away at education funding, it leads to school boards having to make drastic cuts to the number of teachers and student supports in the classroom. In the end, it’s students who suffer.”

In a committee meeting on Monday night, when asked about fully funding the cost of the collective bargaining agreement, the Education Minister said that he was “not in a position to make that commitment.” Before 2016, the government fully funded this cost. The Sask. Party’s change of heart negatively impacted schools across the province two years ago, and last year education funding saw a $54 million cut.

Beck said that without a commitment to support collectively bargained agreements, Saskatchewan schools once again may have to cut teachers and support staff, or make other tough choices about the supports and programming that our students will receive.

“This government scrapped the mid-year funding adjustment, and since then, Saskatchewan families and educators have seen nothing but cuts and clawbacks,” Beck said. “Our teachers and our kids deserve better than ministers who fail to follow through on their promises.”

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