Business owners such as Bradyn Parisian, founder and owner of Mo’ Solar Company, have been let down by the Sask. Party when they promised to consult and come up with a plan for the net metering program they scrapped. In order to stop the devastation of this industry, the hurt caused to the economy, and to protect jobs, the NDP is calling on the government to reverse its decision to halt the program and get to work in consulting with those in the industry that have been hurt by the cut.

“This is an industry that was growing strong in the province, but the Sask. Party brought it to a stop without a plan forward,” said NDP Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “The Sask. Party’s disgraceful approach has left local businesses and workers in the dark, and jobs are being lost. The focus needs to be on building these workers and businesses up, not shutting them out.”

Several businesses and workers in the solar energy industry confirmed with the NDP that they haven’t been contacted by the government to offer their input into what the plan is to address the growing demand for solar energy.

“We don’t have any new details other than a potential November release of the next phase of net metering,” Parisian said. “They didn’t seem to be receptive to having direct industry participation in program design, which I think is integral to a successful program moving forward.” 

“Having a solid solar net metering program is part of a healthy economy, that keeps people working and works for people,” Wotherspoon said. “These companies and workers deserve better from the government and they deserve nothing less than a program that works right now.”

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